School Clubs

Prestige Convent Sr. Sec. School


Eco Club

Eco Club of our school aims to make students sensitive to various issues of flora and fauna, environment and ecology. Various environmental issues are raised and drives conducted against use of polythene bags, bursting of crackers etc. Children are sensitized to issues such as use of CNG and ULSD as fuels, “khelo Holi naturally”, Clean Delhi and Green Delhi etc. Students from 6th to 10th are selected as members of the club who raise up issues through talks, speeches, posters, plays during the morning assembly and rallies.

Math Club

The main aim of this club is to make calculations easy. Maths is taught through various games and activities using material which is inexpensive and easily available like bottles, caps, ice cream cups and spoons etc. Methodology adopted is such that it focuses on smooth transition of child from the concrete to the abstract.

Knitting Club

Knitting Club aims to revive a beautiful art hand embroidery which has fallen into disuse and, through its revival, dedicated to teaching, practising and promoting the art of hand embroidery amongst the students.

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club aims to Learn channels for creative dramatic work through original productions and alternative forms of theatrical expressions such as dance, mime, etc. Promoting school and community relations through a display of the school's intellectual and artistic work.

Music Club & Instrumental Club

These two Clubs aim to help Students in developing an understanding of a musical notation system, building a theoretical foundation and understanding of standard melodic, rhythmic and harmonic structure. Students are made familiar with musical styles and genres from different cultures and historical periods. The Club also provides opportunities to be exposed to guest artists and scholars across arts disciplines, through guest residencies, conferences, festivals and Spic Macay.

Art & Craft Club

The club aims to enhance the student’s aesthetic appreciation and creative skills by guiding them to develop art and craft with various mediums. They learn to design and innovate by using readily available, organic and discarded material to create useful and attractive products.

Sports Club

Develop physical fitness by maintaining and increasing such components as speed, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity.Develop an understanding of the importance of sports in pursuit of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Health Club

Expose individuals to a variety of activities and experience related to health.

Help individuals develop a sound understanding of their total development and enable them to attain positive self-images.

Provide opportunities for individuals to make personal decisions related to their intellectual, physical and emotional development.

Activities Undertaken

To teach them the importance of healthy food in their life.

To make students aware of healthy eating and dietary habits.

To organise fun exercises, workshops, seminars and activities to sensitize students for good health

To organise free health check up camps in the school.

Heritage Club

To sensitize the students with the rich heritage of India.

To know the heritage which includes buildings, festivals, dance, music, professions, crafts, religions etc.

Activities taken up in the club:-

  1. Discussion about prominent personalities representing the specific values.
  2. Quiz competition
  3. Visit to Rastrapati bhavan
  4. Joy of giving week
  5. Sharing of stories and poems.