Prestige Convent Sr. Sec. School


School Infrastructure refers to the site, buildings, furniture and equipment that contribute to a learning environment, promote effective learning and teaching, incorporate new technology, be environmentally sustainable and support community involvement.

Our School today stands proudly with its aesthetically designed, well constructed, sufficiently ventilated buildings with all modern amenities and teaching facilities needed.

Area of School campus
In Acres 1021 Acres
In Sq. Mtrs. 4131.84 sq. m
Built Up Area (Sq. Mtrs) 2049.57 sq. m
Area of Playground In Sq. Mtrs. 2053.43 sq. m

Classrooms are large and airy with abundant natural light to provide the right ambience for an effective learning experience at school. A soft board is provided in every Classroom, which is decorated by students on monthly basis on the given topic throughout the academic year.


The Physics department has a laboratory, consisting of one large hall and a store room. Room has 2 large tables with the arrangement for 8 sets of experimental set up on each table for the students. The labs can accommodate around 25-30 students at a time. Lab has one demo table and is equipped with various apparatus, white board etc. for experiments, activities and demonstration. There is a well- qualified lab assistant that helps the teacher in demonstrating experiments or apparatus for the students.


The school has a well-equipped spacious chemistry labs and a separate room for keeping the potentially hazardous chemicals. The lab is equipped with necessary chemicals & apparatus and is very well lit and ventilated. 25 to 30 students can work in the lab at a given time. The teachers as well as a lab attendant are always there to help and instruct.


Computers being an integral part of School education claim a lot of attention and importance in the teaching learning process. With computer becoming an integral part of today’s learning, the School provided with a computer lab where computer education is imparted. The lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Computer lab provides computers to each student, thus giving opportunity to each student to learn under the guidance of qualified computer teachers.


The Biology is spacious and well-ventilated lab can accommodate 30-35 students at a time. There are sufficient microscopes for conducting practicals. There is also a provision for storing all the chemicals needed for practicals as well as space for test tubes, slides cover slips, beakers, flasks and so on. The various models and life size skeletons along with a large number of charts make the lab a centre of learning for students.

Exercise is to the body as knowledge is to the mind. Physical education contributes not only to physical fitness but also to physical efficiency, mental alertness and development of qualities such as perseverance, team spirit, leadership, obedience to rule and sportsman spirit. Physical activities give opportunity for self-expression and self-improvement and are useful in developing character and personality. This is why great emphasis is laid on Prestigians to take up sports. Prestige Convent School has a team of professionals to support development in most games. They assist and identify abilities of young children and nurture their skills. Children are encouraged to participate in events for their own development rather to defeat others.

Tennis and Basketball courts:

Synthetic courts conforming to international standards of 9 layers are available to Prestigians to play the sport. Specialist coaches have been appointed to help children of all ages to excel in these sports. Equipment to play the game is also provided by the school and special training from Tennis professionals is offered after school hours.

Cricket Pitches:

Green Turf and Cemented pitches along with specialist coaches are available to train Prestigians in cricket - the country’s favourite sport. The latest equipment and full cricketing gear are provided by the school. Different time slots have been created for students of different age groups to develop their interest in the sport.

Skating Area:

Separate skating area has been provided in the school premises to promote roller skating. A coach for the same is also available to Prestigians. School provides skates to children initially while learning the sport.

Modern trend of education calls for aided teaching to ensure deep rooted long lasting effects on students. A well provided audiovisual room complete with all relevant equipments like projector, speakers; screen etc. promotes better learning and creates an interest for the subjects among students.

rt has been scientifically proven to farther a child’s development in more ways than one! Art encompasses all kinds of visual and audio forms such as painting, theatre, movie, music, dance among others. Art can play a role far beyond mere indulgence. It can be a compelling and engaging way to teach languages; build physical agility; develop teamwork, self-expression and self-confidence among Prestigians.Our art Block is spacious and has large windows giving it the advantage of a beautiful view of the school. It is a spacious and airy place where Children can discover their creativity in this airy and comfortable room. The room is equipped with every kind of art material and has an environment conducive to inculcate interest in learning. The display boards on the walls exhibit the brilliant work of the creative young minds.

Keeping pace with the latest trends in education, the performing arts are given a special place at the School. Our faculty helps each child to find his or her own rhythm through exposure to all forms of dances and training in Indian and Western Music .The foot tapping music and dance coaching adds another diamond to the crown of our institute. Our school also providing training for playing various musical instruments like Tabla, synthesizer, Harmonium etc.

Prestige’s medical room is clean, hygienic and extremely well equipped for first-aid and other facilities. The school has imported machinery and equipment to help in finding out the medical status of Prestigians and offers assistance in case of anomalies. A trained nurse is present at all times during school arms for any exigencies

We recognize the requirement of providing conveyance to children staying far away from school. The school owns a fleet of outsourced buses running on various routes. Our fleet of eco-friendly buses goes on to prove that we are equally concerned about the environment our children live in.