Teaching & Learning

Prestige Convent Sr. Sec. School

Teaching & Learning

Many instructional arrangements seem “contrived”, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is the teacher’s function to contrive conditions under which students learn. It has always been the task of formal education to set up behavior which would prove useful or enjoyable later in a student’s life.B.F. Skinner

Teaching and Learning process of our school helps students relate subject matter content to real world situations and motivate students to make connections between knowledge and its applications to their lives and engage them in the hard work that learning requires.

Teaching & Learning (TL) Strategies

Problem-based : TL can begin with a simulated or real problem. Students use critical thinking skills and a systemic approach to inquiry to address the problem or issue. Students may also draw upon multiple content areas to solve these problems.

Drawing upon student diversity : On the whole, our student population is becoming more diverse, and with increased diversity comes differences in values, social mores, and perspectives. These differences can be the impetus for learning and can add complexity to the TL experience. Team collaboration and group learning activities respect student’s diverse histories, broaden perspectives, and build inter-personal skills.

Supporting self-regulated learning : Ultimately, students must become lifelong learners. Lifelong learners are able to seek out, analyze, and use information with little to no supervision. To do so, students must become more aware how they process information, employ problem-solving strategies, and use background knowledge. TL experiences should allow for trial and error; provide time and structure for reflection; and provide adequate support to assist students to move from dependent to independent learning.

Many of these strategies are used in school today. Activities such as team teaching, cooperative learning, integrated learning, work-based learning, service learning, problem-based learning etc. are already occurring in our school.